The concept of gamification involves the use of game elements in non-game contexts like business development or education. Gamification makes it simpler and more entertaining to work in a more efficient way. It also increases job satisfaction in the workplace.

Measurable results

In addition to the participants finding it entertaining to follow their own development, it is also possible to measure how employees' development affects their results. The following actual results were achieved in three of our gamification projects:

  • Eight participants/sales managers increased their sales by SEK 20 million
  • Project managers increased their profitability by up to 15%
  • Customer service/sales representatives increased the number of deals from 6 to 10 per person per week

What is the point of gamification?

  • Important work tasks are clarified and stimulated
  • Better cohesion in the workplace gives higher staff commitment
  • Greater understanding that your contribution is important results in higher motivation
  • The job becomes more fun and efficient

How does this work?

We help you set up your first game and train you on how the system works. After that, you can manage the game platform yourself. The games can stimulate activities for managers, project managers, sales people, service personnel, resellers, customers and job seekers. The games always consist of concrete tasks with checklists.

Internally, the game can be used to implement strategies or change your way of working. Externally, games can be a fun activity together with customers and partners.

When the gaming platform is prepared with your content, participants can use the app to evaluate the progress in their work.

The game participants assess their performance themselves to reflect and learn. The participants can choose to follow only their own development or to compare themselves with others.

When should I use gamification?

Gamification works best when you want to stimulate both quality and quantity, for example:

  • To educate and stimulate a manager's most important activities, such as holding effective meetings, conducting coaching, providing regular feedback to staff and recruiting proactively.
  • To educate and stimulate salesperson’s most important activities, i.e. book customer meetings with the right customers, conduct customer meetings professionally, hold quotation meetings, negotiate successfully and implement social selling
  • Other internal processes that fit well for gamification are customer service, security, introduction and logistics
  • External games can be organized for customers, resellers and potential new employees

Training in the app

The app can also contain short training films with quiz questions that will result in points in the game. You can record the training films yourself with a smartphone.

For example, ask a respected manager to share his or her best tips on holding effective meetings. If needed, Bisevo can produce the film clips for you.


Benefits of the gamification platform

  • The GameChanger Bisevo game platform is based on research within Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) and behavioral economics
  • It is easy and fun to use for the participants and only takes a few seconds to use per occasion
  • It is easy for the game's administrator to change games and set up new games
  • Includes training module with movie clips and quiz questions
  • The game graphics can be adapted
  • GDPR compliant
  • Supports multiple platforms, Apple iOS, Android, Web and TV screens

Why does gamification work?

  • The employees know what is expected of them and take responsibility for their tasks
  • You can measure and reward the right things, and whatever is measured will be done
  • Employees help each other to a greater extent

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