Change can be fun and easy

Games have engaged and entertained people since ancient times. Bisevo Gamification uses methods from the gaming world to revolutionize your change efforts

From small efforts to lasting change

You choose the area you want to improve and set measurable goals.

The goals are reformulated into desired behaviors. They are then broken down into concrete tasks that everyone can perform in their daily lives. Rewards and collaboration motivate and make the journey fun and engaging.

When the goals are achieved, you have created new habits, which is what is needed to achieve lasting and sustainable change. Congratulations!

A tool that engages

Employees participate in defining which behaviors they should work on, and once you are up and running, they rarely need to spend more than 30 seconds per day. The results speak for themselves: Bisevo Gamification has over 85% active users every week.

What do our clients say?

We have not had such a successful sales training in a long time

Afry - referens

I like that the app reminds me of things that are important to consider

Roger Emricsson

Using the app for a couple of months gave me a clearer sales process

Jessika Wahlberg
Brand Ambassador

With Gamification, it is very easy to see the results achieved

Brenton Bate

Bisevos’s app ensures that behaviors endure

Malin Gangnor

More than an app!

Bisevo Gamification serves as a bridge between the company’s goals and employees’ daily work. Here are some examples of how you can use our app to strengthen various parts of your organization:

Technicians, electricians, project managers, consultants — most expert roles benefit from having good customer relationships. Examples of activities that can be gamified include asking more questions to the customer and providing proactive suggestions

Sales competitions are challenging to conduct in a fair and effective manner. This is partly because the outcome depends on circumstances that the salespeople themselves cannot control. Therefore, we recommend shifting the focus and competing in areas that salespeople can influence, such as appointment scheduling, cross-selling, and presenting campaigns

Good leadership behaviors are important to implement in everyday life. Managers often need to improve their active coaching, which can be divided into behaviors such as listening and providing specific and positive feedback. Being seen by one’s manager is crucial for well-being and performance.

Something all employees in an organization have in common is the need to collaborate effectively and base their work on the company’s values. Values and corporate culture, in practice, are the behaviors that are either reinforced or not reinforced.

What can your employees do to feel better? Games focusing on physical and mental health may include tasks such as checking in with each other, taking breaks, and exercising regularly.

Sustainability can mean many things, such as reducing waste, saving on electricity, invoicing all hours on time, cleaning up after oneself, and helping colleagues. Habits that are challenging to establish individually but become easier to create through gamification.

Here, it could involve an active customer dialogue, presenting campaigns, understanding what customers are asking for to develop the store, or having morning meetings with a specific agenda every day.

A significant number of workplace accidents can be avoided if we have the right preventive behaviors. Establishing the correct safety procedures is crucial. For example, you can work on planning and executing tasks with safety risks or discuss the day’s safety risk and how to avoid it every day.

As a real estate broker, being proactive is essential. A gamification project for brokers, for instance, could focus on scheduling and conducting property viewings in a proficient manner.

Bisevo Gamification = Results

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