We combine consulting, training and gamification to make it happen!

In a few years most companies will use gamification, the benefits are great for both employees and companies. Gamification solves big challenges in a simple and fun way. Our vision is to be a leading and global player on the gamification market. We are well positioned with an innovative product, a strong team and great customers!


Stefan Hallberg

CEO - Sales - Consultant
+46 70-733 14 72

Stefan founded Bisevo in 2011 and before that he was the CEO of Sweden's largest and fastest growing digital education company. Stefan has worked with education and digital learning for 17 years.


Niklas Wörmann

Development manager
Niklas Wörmann has been developing games for 20 years. He is a curious and analytical mathematician who, among other things, has had a top ten game in the App Store. Niklas leads our team of developers.


Leif Andersson

Trainer - Consultant
Leif Andersson has been a CEO, is a psychologist and author of the book ”OBM-Ledarskapets psykologi”, or "The Psychology of OBM Leadership" in English. Leif has the tools to get leaders and employees to collaborate. He has extensive experience in lecturing, educating and coaching in leadership and co-worker collaboration.


Henrik Andersson

Trainer - Consultant
Henrik Andersson focuses on revenue generation processes and customer development. Henrik has a background in large international consulting companies and as a partner in fast growing companies. He is an experienced consultant and trainer in the field of sales.

Utöver egen personal så har vi ett nätverk av konsulter med expertis i försäljning och ledarskap.

Our values



Our efforts will provide measurable results for the customer



We will deliver high quality through adaptations to the customer's unique conditions



Our customers and employees develop when they work with us. We contribute to a positive development in society by developing companies and being responsible in our actions



Our assignments are characterized by respect for customers, course participants and employees

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