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Gamification for business

The concept of gamification involves the use of game elements in non-game contexts like business development or education.

Gamification makes it simpler and more entertaining to work in a more efficient way. It also increases job satisfaction in the workplace.


Measurable results

In addition to the participants finding it entertaining to follow their own development, it is also possible to measure how employees' development affects their results.

The following actual results were achieved in three of our gamification projects:


Why does gamification work?

We humans are motivated by short-term rewards and recognition.

A sense of control
Gamification gives employees and sense of control by giving them the opportunity to set their own goals and working towards them.

Provides guidance in important tasks
Employees receive guidance on which tasks should be prioritized and in GameChanger they can see how they are aligned with their goals and colleagues

We are triggered by working towards common goals and seeing our progress

What can Gamification be used for?

Educate - Reflection and learning in important tasks

Motivate - Sales people, managers, customer service etc.

Optimize workflows - Sales process, leadership, introduction, security

External games - External games can be set up for retailers and other partners


Training in the app

In addition to the games, the app can contain e-learning. This way, your employees have access to training when they need it.

In the app, they get short and content-rich learning activities at the right times. For example, a short section on negotiation just before an important customer meeting.

Measurable results

Reports from GameChanger Bisevo allow employees to see how they are moving towards their goals and guide them in what they should focus on to achieve them.

Managers and team leaders can, based on real-time information from GameChanger Bisevo, provide coaching that is personalized and relevant.


Easy administration

With GameChanger Bisevo's simple administration tool, you update the game yourself with new goals and activities, as the employees develop during the game.

Curious about how gamification can help you reach your goals?

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