Gamification for Learning and Behavioral Change

By combining behavioral science with elements from the gaming world, we have created Bisevo Gamification – a tool that helps businesses evolve in a fun and easy way.

You choose the area you want to improve and set measurable goals. Then, it’s just a matter of getting started – Bisevo Gamification guides you all the way from start to finish. Users can track their own progress in our app and work towards common goals.

When the goal is achieved, you have established new habits – thus, creating lasting change.

Bisevo Gamification

Sustainable behavioral changes with Bisevo Gamification

We promise you a whole new level of engagement and efficiency within your organization. With Bisevo Gamification, the change is not only achievable – it becomes inspiring, measurable, and successful.


By applying gaming principles, we boost motivation and collaboration among your employees. It’s scientifically proven and enjoyable.


Users can easily track their own development in our app, and the results can be clearly assessed through impact measurements, pulse questions, and reports.


We design a unique game that aligns with your company’s goals and culture for an effective implementation.

Hållbara beteendeförändringar

More than an app!

Bisevo Gamification serves as a bridge between the company’s goals and employees’ daily work. Here are some examples of how you can use our app to strengthen various parts of your organization:

Technicians, electricians, project managers, consultants — most expert roles benefit from having good customer relationships. Examples of activities that can be gamified include asking more questions to the customer and providing proactive suggestions

Sales competitions are challenging to conduct in a fair and effective manner. This is partly because the outcome depends on circumstances that the salespeople themselves cannot control. Therefore, we recommend shifting the focus and competing in areas that salespeople can influence, such as appointment scheduling, cross-selling, and presenting campaigns

Good leadership behaviors are important to implement in everyday life. Managers often need to improve their active coaching, which can be divided into behaviors such as listening and providing specific and positive feedback. Being seen by one’s manager is crucial for well-being and performance.

Something all employees in an organization have in common is the need to collaborate effectively and base their work on the company’s values. Values and corporate culture, in practice, are the behaviors that are either reinforced or not reinforced.

What can your employees do to feel better? Games focusing on physical and mental health may include tasks such as checking in with each other, taking breaks, and exercising regularly.

Sustainability can mean many things, such as reducing waste, saving on electricity, invoicing all hours on time, cleaning up after oneself, and helping colleagues. Habits that are challenging to establish individually but become easier to create through gamification.

Here, it could involve an active customer dialogue, presenting campaigns, understanding what customers are asking for to develop the store, or having morning meetings with a specific agenda every day.

A significant number of workplace accidents can be avoided if we have the right preventive behaviors. Establishing the correct safety procedures is crucial. For example, you can work on planning and executing tasks with safety risks or discuss the day’s safety risk and how to avoid it every day.

As a real estate broker, being proactive is essential. A gamification project for brokers, for instance, could focus on scheduling and conducting property viewings in a proficient manner.


Gemensamma och personliga mål
Användarna kan följa sina personliga framsteg
Utvecklingsnivåer ökar utmaningen steg för steg
Lagen hjälper varandra att nå sina mål
Om användarna vill, kan lagen tävla mot varandra
Topplistor kan visas på intranät och TV-skärmar
Belöningar i form av presentkort, middag, välgörenhet osv.
Utbildningsfilmer med quiz
Pulsmätningar och enkäter
Chatt inom och mellan lagen
Webbadmin för att definiera egna mål och vanor
API:er för integration med andra system
Rapporter och data på utvecklingen
Stödjer Apple iOS, Android och webb

How does it work?


Choose a template and create your own game. Invite your colleagues and play for free for two weeks.


After the trial period, you can fine-tune the game to fit your needs and conditions. We are happy to assist if needed!


When you officially start, it’s important to inform about goals, purposes, and the rewards that will come along the journey.


Monitor employees’ progress, reward them, and celebrate successes together!


Behavioral changes take time. To achieve the best results, we recommend playing with focus for approximately 2–12 months.

Gamification App - Bisevo

Education in the app

In our app, you will find educational videos with quizzes. You can also record educational videos with your mobile and upload them yourself.

Statistics and analysis

Statistics allow employees to see their progress toward their goals and show what they can do to achieve them.

Easy administration

In the administration tool, you update the games with new content and new levels as employees develop. Users can also create their own content.


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